Canna ‘Malvern’

Welcome to Les Cannas de Beslon, hobby collectors of canna varieties and wild species, located in Normandy, France. We have been growing, collecting, photographing, breeding, researching and writing about canna for the last 25+ years.

Canna ‘Tom Thumb’, 2001

Over the decades that we have been breeding cannas, we have registered over 50 new varieties, ranging from Crozy and Premier  Groups to the ever-popular River Series of aquatic cannas, and we have now recommenced our interrupted breeding programme, and several new cultivars have been introduced in the last years.

Canna ‘Ombersley’

Our long-standing policy of culling any plant showing virus symptoms has worked well, and the universal problem is under control in our virus-aware collection.

To ensure the safety and health of our plants and livestock, we do not offer unarranged visits as Biosecurity is our top priority.  Thank you for understanding.

Sales of Surplus Stock

Canna 'Crista'

To help finance what is a private collection, we share our surplus rhizomes each spring, however sales are restricted to Europe because of phytosanitary regulations in most countries.